Our Mission

We are helping families improve the health and happiness of pets around the world. We’re working toward a more conscious pet-caring world, while reshaping the e-commerce experience to make it human, personalized, beautiful and unique.

Meet the Team

A Bunch of Human Beagles

One day someone asked us if our team was a a dog breed what kind of dog breed would we be!? Immediately we answered: We’d be hounds! 

It was an uncompromising and impulsive answer and we ended up laughing about it. But there’s truth to it! 

Just like our team, those dogs are focused, attentive, ambitious and goal-driven. They are go-getters, non-quitters and problem-solvers! But they are also highly social animals who love cooperation and never say no to play time!

This is us!

And if this is you, we can’t wait to have you in our pack!

Working at Barkyn

  • Innovation Culture
  • Clear Goals
  • Career Progression
  • Annual Bonus
  • Complete Health Insurance
  • Well-being perks
  • Barkyn Employee Discounts
  • One-Week Pet Parental Leave
  • A Team that Grows Together


More than just a role. 

All our team members contribute to a mission and learn new skills every week.